Using EPFL infrastructure

Using EPFL infrastructure (premises, software, vpn, equipment)

The logistics (renting and loans of installations, premises, etc.) provided by the EPFL to a specific association shall be governed by specific agreements.

Associations shall commit themselves and their members to observe any instructions for the use of resources put at their disposal and shall use these according to the rules of propriety.

Requesting premises for the association’s activities and/or to store equipment: 

The EPFL is short of space ! Some associations have their own premises but, for other recognized associations, Agepoly might provide meeting and working rooms as well as storage space.  For further information please contact [email protected].

Requesting occasional premises (e.g. for a meeting):  Please contact the Mediacom Events ([email protected])

For any temporary storage spaces request in the frame of an event have to be sent to [email protected].

Cost of premises:

  • Use of premises for the association’s own purposes (e.g. meeting room): free of charge, as this is part of the EPFL’s policy to develop association activities on campus.  However, costs may be charged for use of equipment and cleaning.
  • Use of premises in the framework of a mandate for a third party (e.g. project for an external company):  the association will be charged. It then decides whether or not to pass on the costs to the third party in question.
  • Use of premises for an event organized by the association subject to an entrance fee (e.g. ball, exhibition):  the costs invoiced to the associations are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for help in using or adapting equipment on the EPFL premises should be sent to [email protected]

Requests for vpn (access to the EPFL network for external members of your association) should be sent to [email protected]

Requests for software should be sent to [email protected]