Call for proposals

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Current Call for Proposals

The fourth call for proposal will focus in the following 4 areas

  • Quality control for advanced additive manufacturing (AM)
  • Advanced concepts of AM for novel mechatronic and optical components
  • Integrated machatronic/optical components enabling new functionalities
  • Large-area functionalization and structuring for optical components

for applications in medical diagnosis and visualisation, life cell imaging, optical metrology and inspection.

More information on the proposal content and on evaluation criteria can be found in the  Research – IDEAS 4rd Call document below.

Application documents

IDEAS Call Document

IDEAS Proposal Form


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 021 693 38 95


Launch of the call 16.11.2020
Deadline for the submission of proposals 17.01.2021
Communication of evaluation and suggestions 19.02.2021
Presentation of selected/revised proposals to the scientific committee 24.03.2021
Information on decision by the scientific committeee 31.03.2021

Past calls

The previous IDEAS calls resulted in the funding of the following projects:

First call:

  • Learning based reconstruction methods for 3D live cell imaging with structured illumination microscopy (Prof. M. Unser)
  • Optical coherence tomography with chipscale Kerr soliton frequency combs (Prof. T. Kippenberg)
  • SPAD array for confocal microscopy (Prof. E. Charbon)

Second call:

  • WormNets: Exploring C. elegans distributed functional networks using whole-animal 3D light microscopy (Prof. D. Van de Ville)
  • Phase Retrieval Instrument with Super-resolution Microscopy (PRISM) (Prof. A. Radenovic)
  • Adaptive illumination for optimal (super-resolution) microscopy (Prof. S. Manley)
  • Super High sensitivity and dynamic range versatile camera for scientific and time resolved imaging (Dr Boukhayma)

Third call:

  • InnoTools (Prof. C. Baur)
  • AI-based Training of Robots for Surgical Tasks (Prof. A. Billard)
  • Robust Verification and Uncertainty Estimation with Deep Neural Networks (Prof. V. Cevher)

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