Competence Centers

National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs)

NCCR – AntiResist          

AntiResist: New approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria (NCCR – AntiResist) is an interdisciplinary center for antibiotic research that aims to develop new approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


NCCR – Robotics

Intelligent Robots for Improving the Quality of Life (NCCR – Robotics) develops robots that co-exist symbiotically with humans in order to enable them to help both individuals and society.


Sustainable Chemical Processes through Catalysis (NCCR – SUCHAT) aims to create new chemical value chains by accelerating the discovery of catalytic processes that enable the production of customizable products from renewable sources.

NCCR – Synapsy

The Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases (NCCR – Synapsy  ) aims to discover the neurobiological mechanisms of mental and cognitive disorders to achieve a better understanding of how these illnesses originate.


Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCERs)


Biomass for Swiss Energy Future (SCCER – BIOSWEET) aims to provide solutions to problems arising from the energy transition by focusing on research and implementation of biomass conversion processes.


Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition (SCCER – CREST) provides detailed, evidence-based recommendations on policies that help to reduce energy demand, foster innovation, and increase the share of renewables in Switzerland.


Efficiency of Industrial Processes (SCCER – EIP) aims to develop the science and technology that allows Swiss industry to transition to a sustainable use of energy in its processes.


Through the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB) EPFL is involved in Future Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts (SCCER FEEB&D) which aims to develop solutions that will lead to a reduction of the environmental footprint of the building sector.


Heat and Electricity Storage (SCCER – HaE) is dedicated to active research on: Thermal Energy Storage, Advanced Battery and Battery Materials, Hydrogen Production and Storage, Technology Interaction of Storage Systems, The development of advanced catalysts for CO2 reduction.

SCCER – Mobility

Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility (SCCR – Mobility) develops the knowledge and technologies essential for the transition to sustainable transportation systems.


EPFL is a partner of the SCCER-SoE which carries out innovative and sustainable research on the supply of electricity from hydropower and geo-energy in order to meet the challenges of the Swiss national Energy Strategy 2050.


Electrical Infrastructure  (SCCER-FURIES) is the Swiss national competence center mandated to develop, promote and deploy power grid-related innovative solutions.

Other Competence Centers

Swiss Polar Institute

The Swiss Polar Institute is an interdisciplinary center devoted to researching the Earth’s poles and other extreme environments including in relation to understanding and solving global challenges such as climate and environmental changes and management of global resources.