The engineering internship is an integral component of our curriculum for Master in Civil Engineering. It gives to our students the possibility to have a direct contact with the professional world, in Switzerland or abroad, and discover there the business environment.

For companies, our internships gives the opportunity to:

  • Discover new profiles and find the collaborators of tomorrow
  • Receive additional prompt manpower for a project of importance
  • Integrate new ideas and perspectives
  • Become a strategic partner of EPFL for its education and students qualities
  • Establish a contact with the future engineers and impact their culture with your experience

The internships portal of EPFL gives to all companies the possibility to broadcast without any cost their internships and to receive candidacies from interested students.

The coordinator of the internships and the Civil Engineering secretariat stand ready for any support or information you need concerning the engineering internships in Civil Engineering.


GC-stages Coordinateur
Dr Pascal Turberg
GC A2 435
Phone: +4121693 2802
[email protected]
GC-stages Secrétariat
Mme Mélanie Thuillard
Phone: +41 21 693 2805