eSpace Vision and Values

The Vision of the EPFL Space Center

Our vision is to establish EPFL as a world renowned Center of Excellence in Space Engineering, creating intelligent space systems in service to humankind.

We intend to achieve this by following guidelines:

  • Creating a culture of excitement and discovery at EPFL with respect to Space Engineering.
  • Providing students with world class teaching and access to real hands-on space projects.
  • Orienting basic research carried out at EPFL, one of the world’s top engineering universities towards original space applications.
  • Building and maintaining collaborations with the world’s best space research & development entities.
  • Actively participating in the elaboration and implementation of innovative space missions, in collaboration with European and International partners, to push the boundaries of human understanding and space exploration.

Our Values

  • Open and transparent communication. We believe that a relation of trust and respect, both between each other and with our external partners, is based on transparent communication.
  • Integrity. Honesty in our actions is of prime importance. We do not cheat, we are fair with our collaborators, our estimates are genuine and our technical work is ethically commendable.
  • Technical excellence. We strive to reach the highest standards of quality, always producing work resulting from the best of ourselves, with particular emphasis on innovation and creativity.
  • Positive attitude. We believe that space technology brings humanity together and should be approached with excitement, fascination and optimism. This is the environment that we promote between ourselves, in our community and with the general public.