Large Area Growth of 2D Materials for Device Integration

The key objective of this Materials Challenge is to develop the first platform in Switzerland for large-scale growth of electronics-grade MoS2 and related two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors from the transition metal dichalcogenide family (TMDCs: MoSe2, WSe2, WS2) as well as the development of fabrication protocols geared towards several highly promising near-term applications. The key goals of the materials challenges are arranged around four main projects.

The group also aims to make electronic grade (2D) semiconductors from the TMDC family available to the research community either through pilot projects (enabled with allocated seed funds and) or through simple material requests. MOCVD will be the method of choice for industrial-scale production of 2D TMDCs.

The development of their platform will give Swiss industry, the ETH domain and CSEM easy access to this class of materials and give them the chance to start developing new high-margin products that include 2D TMDCs and also to use them for further fundamental and applied research. Another important outcome of this project will be the training of the first generation of researchers in techniques for the growth of this promising new class of materials.