Master Thesis / Internship

One third of the Masters’ Evaluation is based upon the Master Thesis (Capstone Project) which runs in parallel for the full duration of the course.

The goal of the project is to carry out a practical or research project, demonstrating high scientific capabilities, engineering knowledge and managerial skills. These practical projects are supervised by Academic staff, thus the Enterprise gains immediate value by having access to University research expertise to find solutions. It bolsters learning as participants are required to apply their recent learning in finding supply chain solutions for the company in question. It gives participants additional work experience and is also a prerequisite for the conferring of the diploma.

International participants (the participants who are not employed within commuting distance) must obtain an internship in order to carry out the project.

The project is should be both operational and strategically oriented.  The project is evaluated based upon professional and academic value.

Interested companies are invited to submit project proposals for postgraduate student projects in Supply Chain Management (any position along the value chain from Procurement to Customer Service).

Project period: January to December

Duration: The project should be completed successfully over a minimum of 6 months up to 12 months.

All candidates have a valid Swiss working permit, Student status.

Confidentiality: Tri-party agreement contract (between the participant, IML and the company).

Project subject: Proposed by the company or the participant, and approved by IML direction.

Coordination and supervision: The participant will be supervised by one responsible at the company and one IML professor or lecturer. The intermediate reports and meetings will be agreed between the participant and the two supervisors depending on the project requirements and the participants’ available time.

Working place: EU participants may carry out the project at their current place of work due to the part-time format so do not usually need to avail of the IML internship program. They may approach other companies for a project if they wish. It can be an opportunity to approach other departments or find a solution with a wider horizon than within the current role & responsibility.

International participants can apply for internship opportunities with our industrial partners (see professional members page). IML shares information on available opportunities as soon as the participant is accepted and has paid the registration fee. IML provides the support framework, however it is up to the individual to apply and secure the educational internship.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information.