Training for Bachelor and Master students

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Targeted lessons delivered during courses

Any lecturer can request training in searching, managing and citing information for his students. The selected training modules will be inserted into the teacher’s course at the start of a semester project or Bachelor / Master’s dissertation so that the students can put their new knowledge into practice in a tangible way.
The teacher selects the modules that he would like to integrate into his course (a minimum of two) and proposes a research topic, that will be used as an example during the training.
The proposed modules are evolving and adaptable: we are open to any proposal that would make our training more closely aligned to your needs. Dates will be agreed with the lecturer.

Description: Discussion with the students around the channels of scientific and technnical information, based on a research topic that is aligned to the students’ pieces of work: keywords, documentary equation, internet and selected sources, topical news and established knowledge, references or full texts, free or paid information, physical or electronic library, validity of information, peer review.

Objectives: At the end of the module the student is aware of the world of scientific information. He has the tools for starting an efficient search for information, varying his sources and verifying them.

Estimated duration: 45 minutes

Description: Presentation of scientific and technical information resources in connection with the students’ research topics.

Objectives: The student knows the main information resources in his field, as well as the main multidisciplinary resources.

Estimated duration: 45 minutes

Description: One or more librarians and the lecturer help the students start their semester project or Bachelor/Master’s dissertation.

Objective: The student starts his research on a good foundation. He works in a professional manner, varying his sources, using a bibliography/reference manager, and citing his sources in an appropriate manner.

Duration: to be agreed with the lecturer

Description: The trainer proposes a quiz on citation, to which students respond with ResponseCards (clickers). The different opinions are then discussed. Can texts, photos, diagrams, tables, graphs be copied and pasted for documents intended for teaching or for a disseminated publication? The basic rules of citation, copyright and Creative Commons licenses are addressed, and the consequences of plagiarising at EPFL are referred to.

Objectives: The student knows how to utilise scientific and technical information in all its forms in accordance with professional ethics.

Duration: to be agreed with the lecturer (at least, 45 minutes)

Description: Demonstration of how to use Zotero reference management software, installation of the software, and basic practical exercises.

Objectives: The student has a Zotero account. He knows how to import references, manage them and cite them while working on writing. He also knows how to share his references within a group.

Estimated duration: 45 minutes