EPFL Horological Competition

Introduction to the watch industry

Introduction to the watch industry

EPFL Horological competition

Switzerland is well-known as the world leader of the watch industry with many EPFL graduates choosing careers in this industry, and yet the EPFL does not have any courses on the subject. The goal of the EPFL Horological Competition is to fill this gap by providing a venue for students to learn the fundamentals of watchmaking by designing and fabricating a timekeeper.

The competition focuses on mechanical clocks in order to sidestep the difficult industrial aspects of making a working wristwatch and to allow free reign for students to express their creativity. Skills include: mechanical engineering, industrial design, artistic expression.

The competition is open to all EPFL students. The Fall semester will introduce the basics of mechanical timekeeping and students will learn how clocks and watches work. Specifications for an innovative clock will be  presented and the students will form teams. The spring semester is dedicated to the design and fabrication of the clock.

For master students, the spring semester will count as a semester project.

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EPFL Coordinators:

Academic Responsible : Professor Simon Henein