From basic sciences to engineering, computer science, management and life sciences, EPFL teaches many disciplines in an innovation-oriented environment. How about the IFNC in all that?

Awareness, interest, opportunities

EPFL strives to develop trainings, workshops and programmes adapted to the challenges of our time. You are studying at EPFL and interested in tackling the major challenges associated to food and nutrition? EPFL offers many opportunities to do so!

Master courses

Students can benefit from Master courses. Amongst others, Prof. Blank Imre focuses on the Chemistry of food processes and Prof. Wilbert Sybesma teaches Food biotechnology.

Research projets

If you are interested in running a specific research project on food and nutrition, the IFNC can help you identify Professors and Laboratories that have the expertise to make it happen. Get in touch with us to find out more!

Entrepreneurial skills

The IFNC gives the students the opportunity to learn by doing and develop their entrepreneurial spirit through cross-disciplinary projects and collaborations with industry. Check out our members and partners webpage to find out more.