The systemic demonstrator on a cantonal scale

What is a systemic demonstrator?

The systemic demonstrator is intended to make the Canton of Valais the preferred test area in Switzerland and Europe in terms of energy. Unlike the neighborhood demonstrator, the systemic demonstrator aims to provide an experimentation platform at the canton level. It therefore implies greater openness to Valais issues and solutions in the field of energy and requires a “bottom-up” approach.


One of the chosen projects, led by Dr Jan Van Herle, aims to test non-noble metals as catalysts and develop a new concept for the electrolysis of water from anionic polymer membranes. This represents a cheaper alternative to the established technology which uses polymer proton exchange membranes requiring noble metal catalysts.The aim of this project (…)

In the energy transition, solar electric energy will play an important role. In particular, the new perovskite solar cell (PSC) technology developed at EPFL-Valais, with a power conversion efficiency of 25%, is poised to contribute significantly to the growing need for solar electric power. Perovskite solar cells have performance indicators beyond existing silicon solar cells.What (…)