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Geneva's commuters embrace multimodal transport

— Researchers at EPFL have carried out an in-depth survey of commuter practices in Greater Geneva – the area covering Geneva Canton, the Nyon region and neighboring parts of France.

Bike designed with artificial intelligence breaks world speed records

— An aerodynamic bike that was designed using software from Neural Concept, a spin-off from the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVLab) in the EPFL School of Computer and Communication Sciences, has broken two world records for cycling speed.

The right carbon tax to reduce the impact of transport in Switzerland

— Using macroeconomic modeling, EPFL researchers have identified the most effective carbon tax for Switzerland to meet the Paris Agreement targets: a uniform levy on gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil, rising steadily to 1.70 francs per liter by 2050. 

2019 survey shows green transportation is on the rise at EPFL

— As classes get under way, our latest mobility survey revealed that over 80% of respondents use public transportation or other clean ways of getting to campus.

EPFL's lightweight boat wins the 2019 HydroContest

— This weekend in Yverdon, the HydroContest EPFL Team took first place in the nautical competition with its lightweight boat, second place in endurance, and third place in speed with its heavyweight boat.

European students to race futuristic boat designs in Yverdon

— This year, three universities from French-speaking Switzerland – EPFL, HEIA-FR and HEIG-VD – will co-host the sixth annual HydroContest competition, challenging student teams to come up with fast, energy-efficient boat designs.

EPFLoop races to third place in Los Angeles

— Using similar propulsion technology, the Hyperloop pods developed by EPFL and ETH Zurich turned in a solid performance in Los Angeles: EPFLoop topped out at 238 km/h in the airless tube set up by SpaceX, while Swissloop peaked at 259km/h. The Technical University of Munich hit a top speed of 463km/h, demolishing the record – and its capsule – in the process.

EPFLoop ready to roll in Los Angeles

— The finals of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition will take place this Sunday. The crowning race will play out in an airless tube, and EPFL’s student team is among the top three contenders.

An autonomous car algorithm runs robots

— Two dozen EPFL Master’s students recently took part in a unique race where the competitors were tandems of students and robots. This challenge put the students’ programming skills to the test, in pursuit of enhanced methods of human-machine interaction.

Engineering heat out of metro tunnels

— Researchers at EPFL have precisely quantified convection heat transfer in rail tunnels. Using the new model, they estimated how much energy Lausanne could save by fitting the future M3 metro line with a geothermal heat-recovery system, in what would be a world first.

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