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Pedagogical Skills Development Workshops 2019-2020

  Workshops and courses for doctoral assistants and post-docs
Foundations of Teaching Science and Engineering (in English)
This online course addresses both what to do when you are teaching as well as explaining a little about why these approaches or strategies are appropriate and useful. It has 5 units with videos and quizzes, and you can start whenever you want.
Teaching assistants for EXERCISES (in English)
This interactive one-day workshop targets the development of skills to manage classroom interactions and to design exercises to maximize student learning.
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Teaching assistants for PROJECTS (in English)

This active workshop will develop your ability to accompagny students facing typical difficulties of real-life open-ended projects, such as collaborating, project managment, incomplete data and uncertainty.

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Teaching assistants for LABS (in English)This “hands-on” workshop will develop your ability to design labs and interact with students in ways to support autonomy and critical thinking in the lab.

Organized through  activities based on science content.

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Teaching assistants EXPLAIN (in English)

This workshop allows you to practice and get feedback on evidence-informed strategies for presenting and explaining scientific and technical content. 

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Stay away from Plagiarism (in English and in French)
The aim of this workshop is to help participants identify and eliminate text, images and codes that may be interpreted as plagiarism to the PhD supervisor, an expert or a journal reviewer.
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Courses in the EDOC Programme EDOC 2019-2020

Science and Engineering Teaching and Learning

This course introduces contemporary research findings in the teaching and learning of science and technology subjects in higher education, develops participants’ teaching skills, and provides a framework for on-going development of their skills through evaluation of their own teaching practices.



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Lecturing and Presenting in Engineering

Informed by contemporary research on teaching engineering, participants design and deliver lessons for specific audiences. This course is relevant to those who intend to make teaching science or engineering part of their career, in a formal or informal way.



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Supervising Students in Projects and Labs

In this hands-on course, participants will develop evidence-informed skills relevant to supervising and evaluating students working on projects and labs that are characteristic of science and engineering. This course is relevant to those who intend to make teaching science or engineering part of their career.



not offered this year

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