NanoScreen brings together expert knowledge in ENM design, production, characterisation, in vitro testing and measurement science. This unique combination of expertise allows researchers to correlate the physical-chemical properties of solid inorganic ENMs with their potential side effects and, ultimately, to establish predictive power.

NanoScreen is directly linked with attempts and institutions in the U.S., for example NIST and NCL, as well as in Europe (ETPN) working along the same lines. NanoScreen actively supports the development and investigation of innovative methods enabling the assessment of nanotechnology, which has become internationally relevant.

Apart from the fundamental understanding of an ENM, the biology interactions, aspects of measurement science such as measurement uncertainty, traceability and reliability, are unique to in vitro testing. They are a decisive factor in achieving long-term comparability within and between laboratories and therefore make a consistent strategy for testing possible. Altogether, this creates a unique connection point for Swiss industry, strengthening its global competitiveness. Moreover, it will increase public confidence in nanotechnology, an important precondition for commercial success.

NanoScreen will allow considerable harmonization of the methodology and thus reduce costs considerably as well as cut down the time needed to bring novel high technology products from Swiss industry to the market.