Information Session for All Associations

At the start of each academic year the Educational Affairs organises an information session for the new Directing Committee members. The goals are to inform associations of all important interactions they will have with the EPFL different units and/or new aspects of association activities. Invitations are sent out in due course to all acknowledged associations. For those who did not manage to attend, below is a summary of the items covered in the last session (.ppt file and French only):

Next information session:
Will take place current October, 2019 – date to be defined.

Presentations 2018
01. Présentation Domaine Formation
02. Mediacom-M. Décosterd Présentation_associations_50ème
03. Presentation_Polynex_associations_etudiants_2018_Alexandre_Rochat
04. DSPS_Presentation Sécurité 2018
05. A-DII Stephen Poplineau Pres Tri déchets_DAF_2018
05. B-DII Alan Defrance Pres_desaffichage
06. SAVE Présentation service Audiovisuel 2018