Services during SARS-CoV-2 situation

Situation on the 18th of Mai 2020

Dear Histo-users,

As we slowly re-establish our operations, I would now like to update the situation for access to the histology facilities beginning Monday the 18th of Mai 2020

–         AI2127: one cryostat (CM3050S), one microtome (HyraxM25) and one sliding microtome (HM450) are available and can be booked as usual using the BBS system. If anything is missing or broken, please write an email to: [email protected] or call 30962.

–         AI0342: you can ONLY access the paraffin dispenser or the immunostaining equipment (PT module for heat pre-treatment or DAB revelation system) not the cryostat or microtome and after reservation, using the BBS system. Here are the specific rules for the lab:

  • Come at the time you have booked and announce your arrival using the doorbell. Somebody from the platform will come and open the door.
  • Do not cross the red lines on the floor.
  • Take anything you need before going to the lab to avoid moving back and forth.

To order antibodies, or for paraffin infiltration, please write an email to [email protected]. We will not give them on the door.

Many thanks for your understanding, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if something is not clear.


Your Histology team

General safety and access information for facilities

  • Please contact the facility before initiating your experiment to discuss access and timing. We are doing our best to reopen all services but it may take some time before everything will run again smoothly.
  • If access to facility labs has been granted (check details below), only the person who has booked the equipment (one equipment = 1 person) is allowed to enter to respect the measure of social distancing. Two meters distance is mandatory.
  • Everyone entering facilities must wear gloves, lab coat and a face mask when running the instruments. Gloves will be provided at the entrance of the facility. Users should bring and wear their own lab coat and face mask. Shared lab coats are prohibited. All users are strongly encouraged to bring and wear their own safety glasses (or face shields) for further protection of their eyes against virus transmission.
  • Do not touch instruments and computers with bare hands. Before starting to work, clean the workspace including the mouse and the keyboard with a paper towel sprayed with 70% ethanol solution and/or provided special disinfectant towels for computers. Once finished, each user is required to disinfect the area they used including computer keyboards and mice, chairs, pipets (wipe, do not spray directly) and remove their gloves and wash their hands prior to leaving the facility.
  • To avoid personal contact, face-to-face user trainings or support will not be provided (please also see platform-specific info below).
  • Whenever possible, data analysis should be done remotely, outside the facility.