Medical report

The medical report must be included in every arrangement request for lectures and/or exams.

It should be prepared by the students’ general practitioner (psychiatrists, etc.) and should describe deficits and symptoms linked to the students’ specific handicap or physical disability and/or mental disorder.

The report should be written in English or in one of the official Swiss languages (French, German, Italian), be recent (last 2 years) and contain the following information:

The diagnosis should be dated and explained according to the following classifications:

  • ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) for a physical disability
  • DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association) for a psychological disorder or mental illness

The following points need to be specified:

  1. Deficits and functional impact as well as the impact on the students’ studies and/or exams
  2. The permanent nature or the evolution of the handicap/disorder (possible improvement or worsening) 
  3. Medication and the effectiveness of medical treatment/implemented measures

On the grounds of performed tests, the physician must recommend practical measures (type of  help/support) for lectures and/or for oral and written exams.

If the physician recommends extra time for exams/lectures it is necessary to quantify the exact amount of extra time needed.