Disciplinary Minor

In order to get additional expertise in their original technological domain, the MTE master students must complete a “disciplinary minor” (30 ECTS) in the field of their bachelor.


  • The disciplinary minor is a mandatory part of the MTE master curriculum.
  • The domain of the disciplinary minor is decided by the MTE section, on the basis of the student’s bachelor
  • The choice of courses must be approved by the MTE section and by the concerned minor advisors.
  • For MTE students, the disciplinary minor includes master level courses only. Exceptions must be approved by the minor advisor and by the MTE section, and if approved, the bachelor courses should not exceed 8 credits.
  • The disciplinary minor is successfully passed when at least 30 ECTS are obtained among the courses which have been specified for each student.

How to proceed ?

  • The first week of the first semester, the students must contact the Deputy Head of Section in order to discuss the organization of their minor.
  • The students must contact the concerned minor advisor to discuss their choice of courses
  • Each student must fill out a form with the list of the chosen courses. This form must be signed by the concerned minor advisor and returned to the MTE section secretariat by 28.10.2022

Some minors have a specific study plan. In such case, students must choose their courses in the minor specific study plan. These specific study plans can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.


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