The Talent Initiative

EPFL aspires to deliver top talent to society at large. Our new Student Support Programme, which is the focus of the 50 Fifty Campaign, will allow us to achieve this by expanding the promotion of outstanding and promising students at all levels (Bachelor, Master and PhD), to attract the very best talent to study at EPFL. Educating outstanding students is by far the most impactful and long-lasting contribution that a university can provide for the society that it serves, bringing to its doorstep the next generation of bright minds who will effectively contribute to solving its challenges. Donors of the Student Support Programme can contribute to this goal in a meaningful way and experience the impact themselves, making this a win for all. By reinforcing our attractiveness to exceptional talent and enriching the overall experience of our students, EPFL will continue to ensure that its greatest output, talent, meets the needs of the ever-evolving society we live in.

For more information on the Programme and how to get involved, please get in touch with the EPFL Philanthropy Team at +41 (0)21 693 83 53 or [email protected]