50 Fifty Campaign: The Student Support Programme

As part of our university’s 50th Anniversary, EPFL has decided to launch the 50 Fifty Campaign, and place its most important community, the student community, at its core. This campaign provides philanthropists with a unique opportunity to directly empower the next generation of brilliant minds.

At EPFL, our fundamental duty is to prepare our students for their future; not only as first class engineers but also as engaged and active members of society.  To achieve this, we must provide them with an outstanding education in engineering and the sciences, all the while ensuring that they acquire and embrace the importance of soft skills and an open mindset.

To support our commitment to society to develop productive, well-rounded, global citizen-engineers of tomorrow, EPFL has launched a brand-new Student Support Programme. Although sharply focused on attracting and honing top talent at EPFL, the Programme’s multi-faceted approach means that it will benefit the entire student community at EPFL as well as society at large.

The Student Support Programme Overview provides additional information on the various components of the Programme.

Magali Goby is at your disposition for more information on how to get involved. Please get in touch with the her on +41 (0)21 693 83 53 or send her an e-mail at [email protected].

You can also get involved straight away by making an online donation to the 50 Fifty Campaign.