Alcatel EVA 600

The system will be uninstalled and removed from CMi end of May 2021. Note : The tool is out of order and will not be repaired before its removal.


  1. Introduction
  2. Equipement description
  3. How to use the system
  4. Restrictions & precautions

I. Introduction

The EVA 600 is an equipment allowing the deposition of metallic or dielectric layers on 100 mm or 150 mm wafers by evaporation.

This method involves evaporating a material placed either in a crucible heated up by an electron beam or a boat heated up by Joule effect.

II. Equipement description

Dimensions and capabilities

The substate holder is composed of 3 satellites. Each satellite can receive 5 x 100 mm wafers or 1 x 150 mm wafer.

Evaporation systems

The EVA 600 is equipped with:

  • Electron gun evaporation: 4 pockets.
  • Joule-Effect evaporation : 2 boats ( maximum currect : 400A)

Film thickness measurement

The film thickness is determined by following the change in frequency of a quartz crystal. This change is due to the growing mass of material on top of its surface. Thanks to some calibrations, the variation can be related to the thickness of the film deposited.

  • 1 x Quartz scale for the evaporation by electron beam.
  • 1 x Quartz scale for the evaporation by Joule effect.


To reach high vacuum, the system is equipped with a turbomolecular pump.

  • Primary dry pump Alcatel.
  • Turbomolecular pump: Alcatel 5900 CP.


The pressure in the system is measured by:

  • 1 x Gauge Pirani: Primary vacuum control (10+3 à 10-3 mbar).
  • 1 x Gauge Penning IKG 011 : Secondary vacuum control (5.10-3 à 10-10 mbar).

Typical vacuum levels are:

  • 1.10-6 mbar after 3h under vacuum.
  • 5.10-7 mbar after 12h under vacuum.
  1. Chamber.
  2. Shutter.
  3. Source Joule Effect.
  4. Electron gun.
  5. Substrate holders.
  6. Motor for substrate holders rotation.
  7. Gate – Turbomolcular pump / Chamber.
  8. Turbomolcular pump.
  9. Gate – Primary pump / Turbo pump.
  10. Gate – Primary pump / Chamber.
  11. Primary pump.
  12. Exhaust.
  13. Gauge Pirani.
  14. Gauge Penning.
  15. Isolation gate for the membrane gauge.
  16. Membrane gauge.
  17. Isolation gate chamber flowmeter.
  18. Flowmeter.
  19. O2 line.
  20. Quartz scale for the evaporation by electron beam.
  21. Quartz scale for the evaporation by Joule effect.

III. How to use the system

All the actions to operate the system are detailed in the user manual. 

IV. Restrictions & precautions

  • Allowed substrates are Silicon, Sapphire, Glass (Quartz, Pyrex, Float). For any other substrates please confirm with CMi staff.