Need help?

We are all different. We are all in different situations.

Some of us feel comfortable in isolation. Some of us suffer a lot from the lack of social interactions.

There is only one certainty: we may all need help at some point.

Reach out to a resource person

Your very own resource person might not be the obvious leader in your social group, or your supervisor. It might well be the colleague you don’t know very well, but who has a full load of empathy and kindness available for you. Just reach out to her/him: “Can we talk?”.

In case you want to talk to a more neutral colleague, you can consult the list below:

  1. Niels Lion
Resources for students and PhDs
Resources for collaborators (over 25 years old)
  • La Main tendue: call 143 (24/7, FR, DE, IT)
  • In the Lausanne area: Lausanne Familles (page in French, several resources available).
Resources for home work (organization, work/life balance)

DSPS and HR have organized possibilities for personal coaching (1 to 1, 2 sessions offered) for all collaborators (including PhDs). You can contact directly [email protected] to make an appointment. 

In addition, if you need help to organize your work, resources for home office… you can consult the EPFL COVID-19 page.