Perception of failure


  • is a painful experience
  • touches one’s self-esteem and invites judgment by others
  • is painful in a social context of performance, professional success and profitability
  • leaves one feeling surprised, helpless, shocked, sad or panic-stricken
  • leads to demotivation, loss of self-confidence, questioning one’s abilities
  • is a situation where it is difficult to take stock
  • may leave one unable to look for the necessary help or information
  • causes a questioning of one’s choice of education, obliges one to let go of a professional and personal project

Failure is a time to grow up and may turn into a positive and constructive occurrence if it leads the student to reflect and look for information and help in identifying a solution.


Social consultation

Social advisors are available to offer you warm support, work with you to find personalized solutions and refer you to the right specialists if necessary.