Mentoring Program

Every year, each of our MTE Students is matched with an industry mentor: an experienced and highly placed industry professional who can share real-world experience and knowledge.
Through the Mentoring partnership, our students gain valuable insights into professional life, and our mentors enjoy the satisfaction of leaving a lasting legacy with a new generation of young leaders.

How does mentoring work?

Three times a year we bring together a network of approximately 40 mentors coming from different industries/companies who volunteer to follow and support the MTE students during the 2 years of their Master.
Every year, we assign one student to each mentor and try our best to match the mentors/students pairs according to industry sectors or interests, education field, etc.

Benefits for the Student

• An opportunity to be linked to a seasoned professional
• Greater diversity in the learning experience
• Industry insights
• Richer professional networks
• Exposure to job

Benefits for the Mentor

• Helping a Student
• Strengthening a link with EPFL and academic world
• Creating a bridge between young talents and experienced people in industry confronted to business reality
• Growing together and developing a win-win situation

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