Build a support network

If you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed at university, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Our Student Services Desk can put you in touch with the help you need.

Here are some suggestions:

Reach out and make friends. The other students in your class are probably experiencing the same doubts and concerns as you are. Make an effort to talk to them, and view them as potential friends rather than competitors. Friends can be a vital support network in both your personal and academic life.

Schedule an appointment with one of our student coaches. You’re certainly not the first EPFL student to need some tips on adjusting to university life. That’s why we’ve set up a team of student coaches who can help you navigate the many degree programs, courses and extracurricular activities on offer, drawing from their own personal experience.

Individual support : Turn to one of our social workers for support. Their friendly ear and helping hand may be just what you need to tap into your inner strength. If you would like to talk to a psychologist, our Psychotherapeutic Consultations Service can help you.