Industrial liaison

ENAC’s Industrial Liaison Officer facilitates the connection with private and public partners. All new opportunities are welcome and special care is taken to build high quality long-term relationships.
The services offered:

  • Single entry-point for all research-related enquiries
  • Connection with the research teams that best match the needs of the partner
  • Accurate knowledge of the research activity and competences present at ENAC
  • Advice on the definition of the optimal collaboration format
  • Project set-up, coordination and follow-up
  • Network of academic and industrial partners for possible consortia
  • Access to project funding bodies
  • Guidance on technology transfer, intellectual property and confidentiality
  • Help for the scientific community to establish links to the outside world
  • Transversal link to experts in all scientific fields
  • Support for emerging startups

All liaison services are provided at no cost.