Research Commission

The Research Commission is an official body of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) with well-defined SNSF-related duties. It acts as an advisory board to the EPFL direction for matters related to research.
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The missions of the Research Commission are to (i) promote academic careers in Switzerland, (ii) promote the quality and image of research at EPFL, (iii) advsie the Direction of the School for specific questions linked to research. It grants fellowships for Doc.Mobility and Early Postdoc.Mobility and research awards according to the specific regulations of each prize. It reviews applications for fellowships for the Advanced Postdoc.Mobility, the doctoral students Doc.CH (SHS) programs.

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The LEX 3.3.1 regulated the mission and duties of the Research Commission.

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Members’ lists

The Research Commission is divided in different panels.

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Annual meetings

The members meet several time a year to review applications and select the grantees.

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Annual reports

Every year, the Research Commission publishes an annual report to summarize its activities.



Research Commission Secretariat

BI A2 408 / Station 7

Av. Auguste-Piccard 1

CH – 1015 Lausanne

Contact: [email protected]