Non-degree continuing education

EPFL offers preparatory modules as well as non-degree training courses developed to meet specific needs. Moreover, with our MOOCs, people from across Switzerland and abroad can acquire targeted knowledge.

  • Short-term training courses (FCOs)
  • Open modules: some of our CAS, DAS and MAS programs include open modules – i.e., modules that can be taken individually by people who are not enrolled in a full CAS, DAS or MAS program.
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are online courses offered by universities around the world. Generally free of charge, they can be taken by just about anyone with internet access. MOOCs do not lead to any certificates from EPFL. The platforms Coursera and edX propose their own paying certificates.


Our non-degree training courses lead to a simple certificate of participation. In some cases, they may also award ECTS credits (up to nine), provided that the course includes knowledge assessment.