CROSS Projects 2020

2020 theme: MOBILITY

Mobility, in its broadest sense, is the quality or state of being mobile or movable. It can refer to the ability of a person to move autonomously, without the need for external help, or it can refer to the capacity of resources to circulate or be transported.

In medicine, mobility often refers to the possibility of moving joints or a limb. In physics, it denotes the degree to which objects, particles, liquid or gas are in movement. Economic mobility is the ability of individuals to improve their socioeconomic status and broaden their life choices, while spatial mobility enables connections between people and communities, broadening artistic and cultural exchanges and the flow of knowledge.

Migration and human mobility bring together research from sociology, history, economics and law, and more recently from computer science, with the application of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies to humanitarian action for displaced people. Mobile lifestyles that consume large amounts of energy and have an impact on climate change require the development of safe and sustainable mobility systems.

CROSS 2020: Selected projects

Nicola Braghieri, IA LAPIS ENAC (EPFL)
Filippo Cattapan, IA LAPIS ENAC (EPFL)
Elena Simonato, SLAS FL (UNIL)
Natalia Bichurina, SLAS FL (UNIL)

Frédéric Kaplan, DHLAB DHI CDH (EPFL)
Patrick Rerat, IGD FGSE (UNIL)
Emmanuel Ravelet, IGD FGSE (UNIL)

Jérôme Baudry, LHST DHI CDH (EPFL)
Simon Dumas Primbault, LHST DHI CDH (EPFL)
Jean-François Bert, IHAR FTSR (UNIL)

Dieter Dietz, ALICE IA ENAC (EPFL)
Lucía Garcia de Jalon, ALICE IA ENAC (EPFL)
Patrick Rerat, IGD FGSE (UNIL)

Karl Aberer LSIR IC (EPFL)
Tugrulcan Elmas, LSIR IC (EPFL)
Daniela Anke Tresch, GREC ISS (UNIL)
Maud Reveilhac, LINES ISS (UNIL)

Markus Neuwirth, DCML DHI CDH (EPFL)
Johannes Hentschel, DCML DHI CDH (EPFL)
Michael Piotrowski, SLI FL (UNIL)
Davide Picca, SLI FL (UNIL)