Official inauguration of AGORA Lombard Odier, Place Cosandey EPFL


Midterm critiques and discussions - Becoming Léman Y1 - ROOMS


Conférence - La Buvette, EVIAN - TSAM, Giulia Marino and Franz Graf


ALICE selected for Great Geneva to accelerate ecological transition

AASIII at Odds and Ends Art Book Fair, Yale

Final presentations first semester Y1 - PLANES/GARDENS - Becoming Léman

Book launch and discussion on AASIII at Being with Pedagogy, Brussels 

SCAFFOLDS. International symposium, Brussels.

Architecture internship for the Journée Gymnasiens 2018 at the EPFL.

Midterm presentations - Becoming Léman  Y1 - MEASURES/ELEMENTS

Congratulations to master students for their prizes given out on Graduation day

New YEAR 1 Becoming Leman PROGRAM and BLOG are available

International symposium Brussels, 22-23.10.2018

"Nina" unveiled to the public - 2018 edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival

‘Protofiguration, geometries of transindividuation’

House 3 opens to the public in the Kanal - Centre Pompidou in Brussels

Protostructure workshop in Brussels to settle the basis of House 3

Alice wins the Prix de l'Ouest for its work on the Place Cosandey

Midterm presentation with Christian Sumi, Cédric Libert and Sarah Kueng

Workshop sessions for the Youth Olympic Games in 2020 in Lausanne

Second serie of workshops on the public space of the campus

Final presentations of the first semester of YEAR 1 Inside Brussels

Architecture internship for the Journée Gymnasiens 2017 at the EPFL

Book launch and panel discussion on All About Space I & II in Madrid

Midterm presentations ELEMENTS of YEAR 1 - Inside Brussels

Midterm presentations of the phase MEASURES today in the hall SG.

HOUSE 1 is nominated for the Swiss Design Prize 2017/18.

Lecture Dieter Dietz at the UFBA in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

New pictures of REPLAY HOUSE 2 by Anna Positano.

Interview with Yona Friedman and other video House 2 symposia.

ALICE summer workshop Replay [Redesign] House 2 starting in Malley.

The symposia Open Space & Proto-structure on the site of HOUSE 2.

The program of HOUSE 2 - COUNTER CITY is announced!!!

Booklaunch All About Space vol.2 tonight in Librairie Volume in Paris

Projects assembly in the protostructure before transportation to Zürich for the construction of HOUSE 2

Etat des lieux House 2 presentations in the Forum of the Rolex Learning Center.

Book launch and panel discussion All About Space vol.2.

200 students visited Zürich to explore the future location of HOUSE 2.

The midterm presentations ROOMS: first projects in the protostructure.