Techne is a “craft” or “art” – a learned skill that is then applied or activated. Techne is a mediation between nature and man, a knowledge that is destined to create what nature cannot achieve. 

Techne ALICE understands the architectural project, not as a simple practice but as a true knowledge implying the « making » where the process of conception and manufacture feed each other. It embodies a process that translates a thought, a concept, into a materialized entity, with precise physical dimensions.

This knowledge of the physical, of the making, is connected through different tools, with the physicality of the architect’s body – the maker. 

 Thus this activity is not only practical but also transformative and cognitive.

In this workspace several lines of interest are developed through different projects where research and teaching interacts.

1) Thanks to TECTONIC INNOVATIONS, we investigate the spatial and tectonic characteristics of different sustainable materials in the context of our built environment. It generates interactions between researchers from different disciplines.

2) DOCTA MANUS investigates on how to generate new knowledge through iterative processes of making.  This pedagogical format uses body practices, focused on the fabrication, through individual and collective interventions.

Techne opens a common ground for action and experience which helps understanding the implications of current digital practice and allows multiple associations between different cultural, natural, technical, scientific and cognitive aspects.