ALICE’s approach and support framework for the diploma year at EPFL Architecture, consisting of a theoretical part, the Enoncé théorique, and an architectural, urban or transcalar project, the Projet de master (PDM) encourages to explore instruments, tools and roles of the architectural discipline in view of a pronounced socially inclusive and holistic agenda. The ALICE team provides following guidelines for master students in architecture wishing to pursue their énoncé or PDM within its support framework.

1. Open Themes

ALICE can provide supervision for both aspects of the master’s final projects – the Enoncé Théorique and the Projet Master. Students choose their own topics, knowing the expertise of the lab, described in the following paragraphs. 

ALICE supports Enoncés which critically reflect contemporary conditions, bringing to the fore aspects and questions that are often marginalized by contemporary practice and the economical system. Through diverse formats and methodologies, énoncés explore architectural tools, scales, and knowledge production in order to position ourselves within the discipline and to gain agency in practices. ALICE sees Enoncés as an exploration of a chosen subject through investigative methods, hinging in and leading to architectural design development.

For the Projet de master, ALICE supports the development of projects with strong focus on an investigative process in drawing and model across scales from 1:1 to territorial to explore relational conditions of the architectural project and spatial inhabitation in a holistic transdisciplinary perspective.  ALICE encourages projects which navigate complex realities, expanding from the investigation, positions and hypotheses put forward in the énoncé.

2. ALICE énoncé and PDM Workshops 

ALICE runs workshops and collective reviews to foster discussions and synergies across the group of students and supports the development of theoretical work and the project. You will attend 4 full-day workshops for the PDM semester, and 4 full-day workshops on a voluntary basis in the fall semester (énoncé). Between the workshops, regular meetings with your maître EPFL are organized to support you further in your research.


architecture; Landscape; drawing; transcalaraty: architectural instruments; collaboration and contribution; holistic approach; minor architectures; imagination; alternative practices