Laurent Chassot lives and work in Lausanne. After graduating at the EPFL in 2012, he worked as an independent architect in diverse structures and on his own. Today, alongside with Philippine Radat and Stéphane Grandgirard, he leads emixi architectes, a practice interested in the careful choices of material, the spatial and constructive experimentation as much as the excellency in details and realisation.

Beside his activity as architect, he’s been involved in teaching since 2013, first as an assistant for Nicola Braghieri for the representation and drawing courses, then as a studio director in ALICE between 2015 and 2019. During those years he participated in the development of the program and was project co-leader for the constructions in Brussels and Evian-les-Bains. In fall 2022 he teaches as an invited guest at the ENSA Saint-Étienne with Stéphane Grandgirard. In 2023, he comes back at ALICE to take the role of academic head for the 1st year in architecture.


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office: BP4221

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