The ENAC format offers to start at the intersection of research and practice, of teaching and learning, of engineering and architecture.

What is possible as symbiosis of structural, architectonic and environmental research with a high-performance material such as textile einforced concrete? How can this point of convergence of different fields be used to explore a material / construction technique that has as its promise a radical reduction of material quantity which comes hand in hand with the augmentation of its spatial quality?

The research project provides a foundation of knowledge on the innovations of the Brazilian architect Lelé, while bringing together research and pedagogy. This work investigates concrete’s mechanical capabilities, explores its use for innovative structures and revisits construction techniques abandoned due to corrosion problems.

ENAC Projecter Ensemble : ALICE and IBETON

Project team : Raffael Baur, Patricia Guaita, ENAC IA ALICE ; Miguel Fernández Ruiz, Patrick Valeri, ENAC IIC IBETON ; David Fernández-Ordóñez, Host Prof, ENAC IIC IBETON

Lecturers : Karen Scrivener, Full Professor, Construction Materials Laboratory, EPFL ; Katrin Beyer, Associate Professor, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Laboratory, EPFL ; In collaboration with Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Federal da Bahia (FAUFBA), Brazil / Prof. Sergio Ekerman

Project partners : Cemsuiss