Architectures of Emergency

Estefania Mompean Botias

Ph.D. in progress

 The declaration of Emergency is designed by a set of spatial interventions motivated by environmental urgency, delineated by global networks of specialists who deploy promotional forms of economic development. The main objective of the thesis is to investigate the Emergency processes from the spatialities it generates. The Emergency investigation from its architectures aims to open the debate on the Emergency operability in the current conditions as a totalizing force. In addition, we will conceptualize the Architectures of Emergency for discerning processes where the Emergency is reconfigured from the construction of the relationships of the emotional and symbolic layers of the territory in a more-than-human collective fabrication. In these troubled times, the research draws on feminist philosophical texts with temporal narratives that reflect on the Event and the Thick Time that offers transcorporeal imaginaries between present, future, and past.


Debris and remnants of houses that got completely washed away from the nearby Ahr river during the July 2021 extreme weather and lethal floods are pictured in Schuld, Germany, July 15, 2021. Picture taken July 15, 2021. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay


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