SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowships (Mathematics)

This document describes the process for sponsoring a candidate at the Institute of Mathematics.


In order to be sponsored by EPFL, a candidate for a Prof boursier award does not need to be nominated as an EPFL PATT (tenure track Assistant Professor) as was the case in the past. Any candidate must, however, pass a selection process.

Description of the selection process

  • The candidate submits his/her dossier (including CV, publication list, research statement, teaching statement, indication of references, motivation letter) to the Director of the Institute of Mathematics (Prof. Victor Panaretos, [email protected]).
    For full consideration, the candidates should send their dossier no later than November 16th.
  • The Director of the Institute discusses the case internally (in terms of common interests in the proposed project, added value for the Institute, need for local resources, and any other aspects deemed important). Based on the results of these discussions, and perhaps an interview with the candidate, the Director of the Institute makes a formal proposal for either declining to sponsor the candidate or for accepting sponsorship to the Dean, who ultimately decides.

Next  SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowships, application deadline has been fixed to February 1st, 2020 (5 p.m. Swiss local time).