Branding and Visibility

Raise awareness and grow your company visibility thanks to our unique sponsoring opportunities.

Leave your mark on our campus by cofounding a Named Chair, being visible to our students and graduates, raising awareness about your company’s competences and fostering collaborations with the EPFL ecosystem.

Branding and visibility opportunities

Philanthropy at EPFL offers a unique way to leave a lasting imprint on our shared future by contributing to cutting-edge research, education, technology and innovation.

Sponsoring thematic research events or flagship conferences enable you to position your company, and reach researchers, students, Industry actors in your fields of interest.

Be visible and post job ads in the ALUMNIST, the magazine for the +35’000 EPFL graduates throughout the world.

Supporting student events and competitions enhances your company’s visibility and can help advertise your solutions and core competencies to students and young graduates.

Support entrepreneurship and allow EPFL students to test their ideas. 

  • Sponsor the XGrant program to support the creation of innovative start-ups.
  • Sponsor the YGrant program to support the creation of social/environmental impact-driven start-ups.
  • Reach us

As part of the EPFL Innovation Park community be active and foster collaborations by sponsoring some of our ecosystem events.