FAQ Parkings

Mobile app

You probably don’t have the latest version of the app (available as from January 1 2017). Please update your app on your smartphone to see it appear.

You can get parking authorizations through the purchasing website.

One of the goals of the new parking policy’s implementation is to invite drivers to ask themselves regularly whether their mode of transport is the most appropriate. This gives drivers the flexibility to use soft mobility modes or public transport during specific periods of the year.

Yes, it is possible to enter up to 4 plates per person (2 only for students). However, it is prohibited to park two cars linked to the same parking account. Any abuse will be punished, and the offender’s parking account suspended until further notice.


No, it means that you have already paid CHF 45.- for parking authorizations during the month and that any additional authorizations during this month will cost you CHF 0.-.

Yes, it is essential that you purchase these authorizations. The system will automatically calculate the amount due according to the payments made for the authorizations during the month and the annual cap.

You have certainly reached your monthly (CHF 45.-) or annual (CHF 400.-) cap.


The system only allows you to pay for your parking fee with Camipro. You therefore need to load your Camipro card in order to make the payment. We strongly recommend Camipro loading via your salary.

No, the only way for you to pay for your parking authorization is through your Camipro purse.

Yes; we recommend the following methods that enable loading without using a charging machine:

You can go to the parking desk (, Mon-Fri 7.30-12 am) in order to purchase a parking authorization (payment by bankcard only).


Only campus users who are EPFL staff (employees, postgraduates, apprentices) or permanent service providers (catering, security, cleaning) can access green parking spaces, and therefore the “parking” application.

If you are a new student, your Gaspar data will be sent to you shortly. If you are not a student and do not possess a Gaspar password, you need to request one from your accreditor.

The system considers that you are not a registered EPFL Bachelor or Master student. If you think it’s a mistake, please send a mail to [email protected].


The  occasional visitor has to park on the  white spaces with meters .

Any visitor regularly coming to EPFL for provision services (for instance an electricity company) can get the right to buy parking authorizations for the green spaces. For that, he/she will have to ask his EPFL client to fill in a form, available upon request by e-mail at [email protected]. Once this form filled and signed, he/she can go to the parking desk (CO 051, Mon-Fri 7:30-12:00) where he/she can buy daily or monthly parking authorizations. The service provider that comes to deliver goods at EPFL will use the dedicated yellow delivery places.


No, it is not possible to be reimbursed for already purchased authorizations (neither to replace a given authorisation with another one in the future), except in case of force majeure (long-term illness of more than a week, business trip of more than a week, etc.). In that case, please contact the parking back-office: [email protected].