MTE Faculty

Philipp Bubenzer Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Bernard Calisti Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Eric Cauvin Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Denis Cherpillod Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Gaétan de Rassenfosse MTE Professor MTE [email protected]
Thilo Eckardt Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Rüdiger Fahlenbrach FE Associate Professor FE [email protected]
Matthias Finger MTE Professor MTE [email protected]
Dominique Foray MTE Professor MTE [email protected]
Marc Gruber MTE Professor MTE [email protected]
Christian Jaag Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Daniel Kuhn MTE Associate Professor MTE [email protected]
Luisa Lambertini FE Professor FE [email protected]
Hervé Lebret MER INNO-G [email protected]
Jan Alexander Karl Mack Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Erwan Morellec FE Professor FE [email protected]
Argyro Nikiforou Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Bruno Oberle MTE Adjunct Professor MTE [email protected]
Tilo Peters Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Stefano Riboni Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Ralf Seifert MTE Professor MTE [email protected]
Nanja Strecker Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Christopher Tucci MTE Professor MTE [email protected]
Regina Vogel Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Antoine Vernet Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Gianluigi Viscusi Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Thomas Weber MTE Associate Professor MTE [email protected]
Philippe Wieser MTE Adjunct Professor MTE [email protected]
Nicola Winzenried Lecturer MTE [email protected]
Min-Jung Yoo Lecturer ME [email protected]
Kenneth Younge MTE Associate Professor MTE [email protected]
Nicolas Zufferey Lecturer MTE [email protected]

Application Deadlines

Application can be filled online from the beginning of November to the 15th of January or from the 16th of January to the 15th of April.

Link to the online application process

New MTE Orientation

A new orientation in Business Analytics is offered since September 2017

Section MTE Office Hours

Odyssea Building
Office 3.18
Tuesday to Thursday from 8.30AM to 11.30AM
Phone: +41 21 693 01 22
[email protected]