Innovation provides solutions that help address societal issues, such as those related to food and nutrition. The IFNC’s mission is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technologies to industry and society, so as to maximise the positive impact of EPFL’s research.

An idea becomes an innovation only the day it is commercialized.

With 25 new spin-offs created in 2018, which raised a total of CHF 217 million in fresh capital, EPFL stands amongst the world’s most innovative universities. More than 120 startups are based at the EPFL Innovation Park, contributing to the School’s dynamism. EPFL thus offers a unique ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs, from coaching and mentoring programmes, to incubators, accelerators, summer camps and various grants. The Vice-Presidency for Innovation (VPI) is specifically dedicated the development of platforms for interaction between EPFL researchers and students, and business and industry. The role of the IFNC is to help EPFL scientists and students translate their research into applications that will make the food and nutrition area better. We accompany them through this process, whether it implies the creation of a startup or a technology transfer to an established player.

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