Processus Common De Recrutement au sein de l'EPFL

Human Resources, in collaboration with Line Managers, has defined a standard Recruitment Process for scientific, administrative, technical, information system and management positions (around 2,500 positions). We invite you to read further here.



Recruiting tool for administrative, technical and IT staff, including antennas and centres.

Job description

How to create, use and change the job description form.

Hiring proposal

In order to propose the hiring of a future collaborator, please fill in the form “hiring proposal”.


HR contract management process for PhD students

A standardised contract management process has been defined and implemented in collaboration with the Doctoral School.

Rules and regulations for temporary academic staff

Rules and regulations defined for the following categories of temporary academic staff: Bachelor/master students in labs, bachelor/master students doing summer internships, master’s valorisation, and visiting PhD students.

Regulations applicable to temporary non-academic staff/ Internships

Regulations defined for the following five categories: Observational/orientation internships prior to obtaining the CFC or matura; Internships prior to higher education; Internships during higher education; Summer internships; Internships after higher education. Send applications to [email protected]


HR Outsourcing process with Helvetic Payroll (HP)

A standard process for the management of consultants outsourced from the company Helvetic Payroll (HP). The objective is to offer a flexible solution to manage consultants temporarily recruited by units

Hiring regular staff

Steps and tasks to fulfil by units and Human Resources before hiring a new staff member.

Hiring student assistants, temporary assistants and construction assistants

Useful information to recruit student assistants, temporary assistants and construction assistants.

Visiting professors and academic guests

How to invite visiting professors and academic guests, and whom to inform (rules and regulations).