An application to like public transport in real-time

©Alain Herzog/EPFL

This project aims to measure in real time the users’ experience, from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

To measure the satisfaction level of users of public transport, classic surveys are carried out by telephone or questionnaire after the journey. A dated paradigm with the generalization of smartphones that allows continuous data collection and especially in real time.

Researchers from the Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LASUR) have developed an application that allows users to share their experiences live. It automatically detects the GPS data of the user, while on the move and proposes a series of questions according to different themes. It offers not only a quantitative assessment (mobility behavior, frequency, itinerary…) but also qualitative (perception of time, quality of service…). In October 2017, the app will be tested in collaboration with the public transport in the Lausanne region (tl).

This project is led by two PhD students from the Laboratory of Urban Sociology. Supported by the InnoSeed program of the ENAC Faculty, they created a start-up, URBy-me (Urban Mobility by Me).

Press release October 23, 2017

Principal investigators Fernando Simas, Dominic Villeneuve
Period 2015-18
Laboratory LASUR
External partner transports publics de la région lausannoise (tl)