Application guidelines

Step 2 – Full proposal and final selection

For selected institutions, the following items are required by early September, 2020. Please use this form to submit them.

Letter of agreement to institutional provisions

Please submit a letter of agreement to institutional provisions for the participation to the C-CoDE. Please ensure that all the elements mentioned in the document: Institutional Provisions Participation to C-CoDE
are included in your letter.

Description of the local coordination

Please give the name, function and qualifications of the following persons appointed to promote, manage and coordinate the project: (1) Project leader, (2) Academic coordinator, (3) Technical coordinator. Please use this form

An institutional plan for digital education (3 pages max.)

Please describe the institution’s plan or vision for digital education and the short and long-term integration and sustainability of the C-CoDE within this plan. How will the project contribute to the institutional strategy related to e-learning/digital education?

A needs analysis for the effective implementation of the project (5 pages max.)

Please submit a comprehensive needs analysis, including human resources, technical infrastructure, regulatory environment and physical infrastructure needed for the implementation of the project.



Step 1 – Expressions of interest – Now closed

The following items are required by August 15, 2020, 18:00 GMT/UTC:

Letter of Institutional Commitment

Please submit a letter signed by the head of the institution confirming the institutional commitment to implement the project. Please use this template: Letter Of Institutional Commitment.

Presentation of the submitting institution

Please present the legal status, organisational structure and campus location(s) of your institution, together with relevant statistics. Please use this form.

Learning environment at the institution

Please describe as accurately as possible the learning context at your institution, including delivery methods, pedagogy used, access to educational resources, student/lecturer ratios, etc. Please use this form.

Existing infrastructures and facilities related to e-learning

Please describe the Internet connectivity, intranet deployment available across the university campus, access to connected terminals, as well as the Student Management System (SMS), Learning Management System (LMS) and any other facilities that may be relevant to the project. Please use this form.

Sketch of the proposed initiative

Please describe in a one-page document your vision for the construction, location and impact of the C-CoDE within your institution.