Education GC

Be welcome to the section of Civil Engineering in EPFL. A place where we train civil engineers, who are able to analyze and treat more and more complex infrastructures which need a global approach to civil engineering. It is a professionalizing education granting you a master degree, which will thoroughly prepare you to step immediately into the professional world. This is one of the most renowned education at the international level.

Education in civil engineering is provided by the section of Civil Engineering until the master degree (10 semesters). Our mission is to train civil engineers by emphasizing on his interdisciplinary education. We can achieve such goal by a part of transdisciplinary education, shared by all three institutes of the ENAC faculty (Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Architecture), through the concept of “Design Together”. While keeping the specifics of each profession, this concept promotes the sharing of knowledge and prepares the future engineer to merge and lead construction projects, where multiple actors and issues are involved.

The general education of civil Engineering is divided into two parts:

  • Bachelor of Science lasting three years (180 credits), including a propaedeutic year
  • EPFL Master lasting two years (120 credits), including an 8-weeks internship in industry
  • Shematic study plan to download