Covid-19 situation

Remote working

Teleworking is generally not allowed in order to guarantee the student’s professional immersion within the company.

However, if the company is working remotely due to the pandemic, the student will comply with the rules in force. He/she will however have to stay in close contact with his/her team during this phase and return to the company site as soon as possible.

Internships abroad

As a precaution, EPFL students must comply with the following measures on foreign travel for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters as well as summer 2021.

  • Travel abroad by students (exchanges, academic mobility, internships, Master’s projects, study trips, project-related travel, etc.) remains prohibited in countries that the FDFA discourages people from traveling to for health or safety reasons unrelated to COVID-19.
  • In light of the current COVID-19 situation, EPFL advises students not to travel outside the European Union, the Schengen Area and the UK.
  • All study-related travel abroad will take place under the student’s personal responsibility. The risks students face if they travel to a country advised against by this directive include: restrictions on entering or leaving countries, the introduction of a curfew or lockdown, and the scarcity of commercial flights and the likelihood of flight cancellations, which could make it difficult and expensive to return to Switzerland. Also, the healthcare system could be affected, making it difficult or impossible to receive care, and the partner company or university could be forced to stop operating.
  • EPFL will not provide foreign assistance to students who fail to comply with these recommendations.
  • No additional contributions to travel costs will be granted beyond the measures and grants already in place.
  • Students must comply with all health and safety rules in effect in their country of destination as well as at the partner company or university.
  • When students return to Switzerland, they must follow all rules, and in particular quarantine rules, introduced by the FOPH.