Covid-19 situation

Students who are to take exams during the session in August 2020, and who have planned to carry out an internship as early as June, July or August 2020, are invited to postpone their internship to September, with the agreement of the company, or to cancel it when this postponement is not possible.

If the student maintains their internship during the preparation period and exam session, they must ensure that they have sufficient time to prepare for the exams and that they can take time off to be present on the exam days.

This is a sensitive situation and it is strongly unadvised to maintain the internship during the exams if the workload related to the exams is not compatible with full-time employment in a company.

The student also has the possibility of withdrawing from the courses examined during the August session in favour of the internship.

The student is fully responsible for evaluating their academic situation and assumes responsibility for their choice and registration for the exams.

The minimum duration of internships is to be confirmed with the sections.

The student must inquire about departures for internships abroad. These are subject to authorisation and are constrained by the recommendations in force.
During a work placement abroad, the student must comply with the health and administrative rules of the company and the country.

Special cases (e.g. extended study duration due to a postponement of the internship) will be examined by the VPE. Some flexibility will be applied.