EPFL Research Day in Geneva and NeuroDay

12 September 2019
Campus Biotech, Geneva

The EPFL Research Day at the Biotech Campus and the NeuroDay event took place in Geneva on 12 September 2019, marking the 50th anniversary of EPFL.

EPFL Research Day in Geneva

Dedicated to scientific research, innovation and technology transfer, this event brought together EPFL researchers, key actors of the region as well as partners and friends of EPFL. Presentations and panel discussions focused on the work carried out in the fields of biotechnology, neuroscience and neuroprosthetics, along with some of the key collaborations in these fields.


NeuroDay is an EPFL initiative to federate research and collaboration around neurotechnology and general and simulation neuroscience, highlighting the breadth of research in these fields across EPFL. Organised jointly by the Brain Mind Institute, the Blue Brain Project and the Center for Neuroprosthetics, NeuroDay 2019 addressed a wide range of topics from fundamental to translational research.

09:30-10:00 – Arrival and registration

Event moderator: Andreas Mortensen, Vice-President for Research

10:00-10:15 – Welcome

Martin Vetterli, President of EPFL

10:15-10:30 – The Geneva ecosystem and EPFL

Pierre Maudet, State Councillor, Republic and Canton of Geneva

10:30-10:35 – Campus Biotech Ecosystem

Ernesto Bertarelli

10:35-10:40 – Campus Biotech Ecosystem

Mary Tolikas, Director, Wyss Center

10:40-10:55 – Campus Biotech Ecosystem: Round Table of Main Academic Partners

Podium composed of:

  • Martin Vetterli, President of EPFL

  • Yves Flückiger, Rector, University of Geneva

  • Bertrand Levrat, Director General, University Hospitals of Geneva

  • Mary Tolikas, Director, Wyss Center

  • Benoît Dubuis, Director, Foundation Campus Biotech Geneva

10:55-11:15 – Coffee break

11:15-11:25 – Research and innovation at the Campus Biotech: 21st century medicine

Didier Trono, Coordinator and Chairman of the Strategic Committee, Health 2030

“Western Switzerland’s initiative for personalised healthcare and precision medicine”

11:25-11:35 – EPFL Research and Innovation at the Campus Biotech: Blue Brain Project

Henry Markram, Professor and Director, Blue Brain Project
Kathryn Hess, Professor and Head of the Laboratory for Topology and Neurosciences

“Functional implications of neural architecture: insights from brain simulation and mathematics”

11:35-11:45 – Research and innovation at EPFL at the Campus Biotech: CNP

Stéphanie P. Lacour, Professor and Director, Neuroprostheses Centre (CNP)

11:45-12:05 – Research and innovation at the Campus Biotech: University of Geneva

David Sander, Professor and Director, Centre interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives, University of Geneva
Patrik Vuilleumier, Professor, Laboratory of Behavioural Neurology and Cognitive Imaging, University of Geneva

12:05-12:10 – Conclusion

Andreas Mortensen, Vice-President for Research

12:10-13:30 – Festive aperitif and visits

13:30 – Event start and registration

13:45 – Welcome

Martin Vetterli, President of EPFL

14:00 – Session 1 | Neurocomputation, Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

Modeling and simulation
Henry Markram, BBP

Imaging the brain in action
Carl Petersen, BMI

Wearable and implantable neurotechnologies
Stéphanie P. Lacour, CNP

15:00 – Sensorimotor function, dysfunction and therapy

Pavan Ramdya, BMI
Bernard Schneider, BMI
Grégoire Courtine, CNP-BMI

15:45 – Coffee break

16:30 – Session 2 | New Horizons

Future Cognition

Carmen Sandi, BMI
Dimitri Van De Ville, CNP-IBI
Olaf Blanke, CNP-BMI

17:10 – Future of Neurocomputing

Kathryn Hess, BMI-Maths
David Atienza, STI IEL
Felix Schürmann, BBP-BMI

17:50 – Future Technologies

Diego Ghezzi, CNP-IBI
Alexandra Radenovic, STI-IBI
Mary Tolikas, Wyss Center

18:30 – Closing remarks

18:35 – Apero and networking