Research and Doctoral Awards Ceremony

Visualization of protein complexity on a cell surface © PBL EPFL/Christine Lavanchy

The Research and Doctoral Awards Ceremony 2023 took place at the Forum Rolex on Thursday November 23 2023. The aim of this ceremony was to confer the EPFL Research and Doctoral Awards to the laureates and to congratulate all doctoral graduates who have successfully completed their thesis this year.

Doctoral Awards

The prize is awarded by EPFL each year to two doctoral graduates who have completed a thesis that is particularly remarkable for its originality, the impact of the results (publication(s) in one or more international journals) and the presentation of the work.

Research Awards

This prize is awarded by external donors to doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and independent researchers in recognition of their exceptional research work in various fields.

ℹ️ Information

5:00pm: Registration of the participants

5:20pm: Musical interlude by EPFL Little Band

5:30pm: Opening of the ceremony

  • Introduction
  • Doctoral Awards
  • Research Awards





            Materials Science

            University Latsis


  • Commemorating 20 years of the Doctoral School
  • Celebration of doctoral graduates

7:30pm: Aperitif with music

The EPFL campus can easily be accessed by public transport, and we strongly encourage you to prioritise this means of travelling, as parking spaces are limited.

The EPFL access page lists all available options to access the campus.

Each laureate and doctoral graduate can invite two guests. Please register these people using the registration form.

We thank you for coming to the event at 5pm so we can proceed with your registration and your placement.

Recording of the ceremony:

Pictures of the ceremony: © Fred Merz | Lundi13:


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