Check your colleague’s absences

Brief description

Plannings enable to have a big picture the unit or group schedule

How to access


From the tab « My Plannings » of Absences

How to switch the planning display ?


Switching the planning display can be done by clicking on the display option below

  • By unit/group
  • By alphabetical order
  • According to your personal bookmarks and shared planning

Planning description

calendar description
  • At the top, you can display week after week using the arrows and the buttons « prev week » and « next week »
  • Color codes show the type of absence, presence and public holidays
  • At the top right there is your unit name
  • The left column show employees names of your unit

Absents list and planning display by date

  • Planning sharing management : enable you to invite an employee outside the unit, with his name or SCIPER
  • Absents list : display the abents of the day or the week
  • Planning for : display the planning according to the date you choose
  • Current planning : highlight the current day on the planning