Physics Section

The Physics Section at the EPFL aims:

  • to ensure that students in Physics obtain a high quality theoretical and experimental knowledge so that they will be able to work in both fundamental and applied research as well as in diverse areas of engineering or of education. An education including humanities and social sciences allows the students to adapt to ethical and environmental issues that appear in their future professional activities
  • to ensure a high-quality education in physics to students in all sections of study at the EPFL and in various faculties of the UNIL
  • to oversee the doctoral program in physics and provide an ideal structure for a researcher wishing to obtain the title of Doctor of Sciences.

Studying at epfl

Study programs’ overview, practical info, admission criteria and application at:


Director of the Section
Vice-Director of the Section
Ms Valérie Schaerer Businger
Affaires estudiantines
Office PH A2 402
Tel. + 41 21 69 33300
zoom hours Monday 11:00-12:30
Ms Yvette Gallay
Tel. + 41 21 69 37915