Daycare on Campus

The Croquignole, Croq’cinelle, Polychinelle and Primavera daycare nurseries, managed by FAPE Foundation, located on the UniL and EPFL campus, welcome in priority children of persons with a valid work contract or studying in one of both institutions.

  • FAPE Foundation (Fondation Accueil Petite Enfance EPFL-UNIL) (website soon available in English)

The Lausanne City Office for Parents (BIP) centralizes applications and registrations for daycare nurseries.
On its webpage, you will find a list of nurseries of “Reseau L”, application forms (including FAPE Foundation for the Croquignole the Croq’cinelle, the Polychinelle & Primavera), as well as a price estimate.

Private daycare on campus

Furthermore, there is a private daycare nursery, in Innovation Square: The Nanosphère.