Conditions of purchase and inventory of IT equipment

The CDM-IT must be informed of any IT purchase (software, hardware) made by the College.

Significant IT infrastructure needs for education, will be requested off-budget to the Central Services.

According to directive “Central IT credits – Instructions” (adopted at the Central Services 07.12.2006).
The significant IT infrastructure needs for the faculty services will be requested to the College management.


For any IT purchase (software, hardware) of an amount higher than CHF 1000.-, as well as any IT purchase costing less than CHF 1000.- but that needs to be inventoried, it is required for all units, institutes and sections of the College to place orders via the central purchasing system (purchase management tools and IT inventory) and to comply with the directive related to this system and the EPFL IT purchase directive.

Any purchase of computer equipment that will be connected to the EPFL network must be done by the CDM-IT.

Warning: before buying a device such as: Tablet, PDA, mobile phone, e-readers, etc. We advise you to make sure with the help of CDM-IT or VPSI that such devices can be integrated in the IT infrastructure of the EPFL and (if necessary) that we can help you setup the device (support on this kind of equipment is reduced).